It’s Summer! Time for Fireworks and Yukata~~! #nagisablog (2023.07.31)




Hi everyone, KonNagi~! Kojima Nagisa here.



It really feels like summer now because fireworks festivals are being held all around Japan.


I wanna see fireworks~ and wear yukata as well~






We held online meet & greet back on July 29th & 30th~!

Thank you for everyone who came to see me.

It really made me feel warm inside after receiving all the kind words from you~

Let me upload several pictures from back then!


📸YuzuMiu (Nakashima Yuzuki and Murayama Miu)

Thank you for always being the big sisters who I can consult with~!




📸With Yu (Murai Yu)!

We both just happened to wear similar clothing on this day that we’re looking like twins. It made us excited🤸‍♀️

Yu’s so kyuttt~🥺




The next one will be held on August 5th and 6th! Look forward to it~ I’ll be waiting🤍




There was someone who said that “Cheering on Nagisa-chan is my reason to live!”
and that left quite a huge impression on me. I wonder if everyone has something like that too~?

I have quite a few of them, and since I come across each of them here and there through my daily life, even if something bad happens, once something fun happens I forget all about it lol


I hope that I can also become your source of encouragement, even for just a bit!







Last month, on July 23rd, we performed in the OSAKA GIGANTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2023!
Thank you for those who came to the venue and livened up the event along with us.

Did the heat get the better of any of you after that?

It was such a hot day, in one way or the other!


Initially, it was not announced that the 3rd gens will show up as well, so there must be some who were surprised by it. I guess there are people who think about it positively and those who think about it negatively as well.

But even so, I was really surprised when I found out that some of the Buddies there prepared the 3rd-gens oshimen towel .

I have no way to measure the love given to us up until now, but that was a moment where I do feel being loved by you all!


It made me really happy. Thank you as always.


When I saw Miu (Murayama Miu) stood on the stage along with looking at the backs of my seniors during the first song, BAN, I feel like she’s growing tremendously and that the gap between us becomes wider, even though we joined at the same time and she was like the closest person to me. She was really cool.



It was our first experience performing outdoors, so there was the excitement although nervousness took the most part of it. But standing there with my fellow 3rd gen mates, I feel like they have changed so much that it’s not even worth comparing their presence back with when we stood on the stage along with our seniors for the first time in the 3rd tour. I think they are all getting a lot of positive influence from everyone.



I’ll do my best to grow for the better even more as well.









About the picture that Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) took for me back in the last blog…


Actually Yuzu uploaded a similar picture before on her blog long time ago. We took each other’s picture.


Hence, the picture was taken quite some time ago

I wonder if anyone noticed?


Anyone who realized must be loving the ShimaShima duo a lot, ehehee







🌷Mini Live for the 6th Single “Start Over”🌷

Thank you for those who watched it!
The 3rd gens performed “Seijaku no Boryoku” and “Anthem time”.

It was our first performance for those. What did you think~?


I feel like we’ve managed to do better compared to the MV.


The recording will be streamed again on August 15th (Tue) from 20:00, so please watch!




There are fixed cameras as well, so try to watch while following around your oshi 👀





Last up are some of my Recent Updates!

Recently, I talked about drama series that I watched long ago together with Rika (Ishimori Rika) and Itopi (Mukai Itoha), and I’m quite surprised to feel a bit of generation gap!


During the conversation, we talked about which drama series that really got us hooked. Me and Itopi answered with the same titles in general, but Rika talked about an older series. We really couldn’t get into a common topic.



I questioned myself why that is the case, but it looks like Rika watched a lot of more older series due to the influence from her elder sister.


That moment made me feel that she’s an adult already.



Be it drama or purikura machine, new series keep on coming out fast. You can feel how the time has passed just from knowing the purikura machine you took the photos from.



Rika and Itoha took their photos using completely different machines. It made me laugh when I saw that.






By the way, the drama that left quiet an impression in me was “Ogifu-san to yobasete” (Please Let Me Call You Father-in-law).



My family was watching it too, it was really interesting.



I want to rewatch the series again someday~



Do you have any drama series you’d like to recommend~?




Starting from today, the Platinum FLASH Vol. 23 is on sale~!



I’m talking about “Seijaku no Boryoku” and about the 3rd gens this time, so please get and read it if you’re interested!



The cafe I went to for the photoshoot was cute~



They took a lot of off-shots for this (っ’-‘)╮ =͟͟͞͞🎁




Bye then!

Next up is Airi~

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