17 (2023.08.24)

Good evening


Seventeen Summer School Festival 2023

Thank you so much 🏖


17 (2023.08.24)





The event was so full of cute things
that it melted my heart (˶ ̇ ̵ ̇˶ )💓



I also found lots of Buddies,
it made me happy.



I was able to see clearly some
uchiwa fans, light sticks, towels, etc. ~


And also, thank you so much to everyone
who watched the broadcast🌷









I had so much fun!


I hope I can meet with all of you again 🙂





The day after tomorrow we have Meet & Greet sessions,
and the day after that we have “Love it! Rock”,
I look forward to your support ( ˆ࿀ˆ )🙏



Ah, yeah.
If I have the chance,
I will upload the Malaysia Vlog Part 1
in the Sakurazaka46 Message App tomorrow 📹‪‪☺︎


See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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