Re: Japan Expo Malaysia 2023 (2023.08.23)

Thank you very much for opening this blog!






I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
from Shizuoka 🐟🌻






Japan Expo Malaysia 2023πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ


was able to held a performance in Malaysia! ✨


Thank you very much to everyone
who came to watch!!



I was truly so happy to be able to do
another overseas performance following Paris!



The Malaysian audience
hyped up the show together with us

They would smile whenever our eyes met,

They talked so kindly
and really were so nice,


I was happy to be able to spend a great time together with them!
I fell in love with Malaysia 🀍



And then, to the Buddies!!
So many of you came to Malaysia,
it made me really happy, at ease, and warm ☺️

My heart was filled with joy
from spotting oshi towel and uchiwa
in Malaysia!


Thank you very much as always πŸ€

I will continue do my best to
deliver Sakurazaka’s songs to many people 🌸









We were able to go sightseeing~ ✨


Pink Mosque πŸ•Œ

The ceiling is so beautiful~~~!

Rena took the picture for me~~~!





I had fun shopping with Rena~ We laughed a lot~☺︎☺︎












We always fool around together~~~




Twin tower really sparkle at night as well β™ͺ




Matsuri-chan is truly amazing and such a Super Captain,
she always learned the local language and connect us with the locals during MC session.

I am filled with so much feeling of gratitude.





Both the performance and the time with members
made for a fun trip πŸ•ŒπŸ«Ά









And yesterday


Habu-chan announced her graduation.



When I first heard about it,
I was so shocked it felt like I’ve been shot through the heart
I am sure that all of you Buddies must have felt the same way.


Even though I know that this parting will come one day,
when the time come,
I wasn’t able to prepare my heart for it even more just a little bit.

It still doesn’t feel real to me.


Habu-chan has such a beautiful look,
but she’s so cool and cute in the inside,
with enormous kindness
and the genius at making people smile

I love everything about her, from the things she talk about to her presence on itself!



Recently, she told me that she wants me to call her with Habu-chan
and so I started to call her such,
But I’m still in training,
as I can’t really confidently call her “Habu-chan”.


So that’s why until the day Habu-san graduates,

I want to be able to call her “Habu-chan” with much confidence.


To be honest, I feel sad about it,
but I’d like to make many memories with her
while savoring the remaining time we have left.

And I’d like to do my best to make her smile
for how much she has made me smile all this time πŸ’ͺ



Habu-chan’s future
is so happy and full of rainbows
that it makes me feel excited just from imagining it!

I’d like to always cheer for you!!






Thank you very much for reading until the end!





Tomorrow morning!!


I will be appearing in “Love it!” 🐰


Last week we introduced Cafe Lumiere’s baked shaved ice! It was so shockingly delicious~ 🍧✨

The shiritori using song lyrics was so much fun too!



I will give it my best again tomorrow πŸ”₯


Please give it a look~ πŸ‘€









Akipo 🐟




You’ve been caught in a 94cm swamp

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