1st Year💐 (2021.02.17)

Hello ☺︎

It’s Sakurazaka46’s Moriya Rena 🍒


Today, February 16, marks the 1st year since the Sakamichi Trainees were assigned to the groups!

That time, I had no idea that sparkling and fun days were waiting for me.


I met a lot of people,
I felt these many different emotions,
I also met a new side of me,
It is thanks to the support of the fans and many other people.


I am filled with gratitude to be able to work in such a blessed environment.


Thank you.


Nostalgic Photo 🤳



And, last night.
All the former Sakamichi trainees are together on a phone call!!


We talked about trivial things
Even though it’s just a phone call, it cheered me up to hear everyone’s voice after a long while~ 🤗


I want us, all 15 people, to meet next time ♡


From now on, I will continue to do my best to give back to many people without forgetting this feeling of gratitude ☺︎


In the 2nd year too, please take care of us..



Thank you for reading until the end 🕯


See you~

Rena 🍒



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