20 years old👘 (2023.01.13)

Hello everyone!




I’m Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino🌸








I was a rabbit for Sokosaku🐰🥕🥕



All the members dressed as rabbits were so irresistibly cute and adorable.. 🥹



Please be sure to check out next week as well🎩🪄








I was featured in 「20±SWEET 2023 JANUARY」 which goes on sale today!



I had no plans to have a coming of age ceremony or get photos taken, so I was truly grateful that I had the chance to wear a furisode for this shoot..!








My first time riding in a boat~🚣


It was so scary! I was holding on for dear life so I wouldn’t fall in (lol)





Also this might be a little late, but congratulations to everyone who turned 20 on reaching adulthood👘✨✨



I’ll keep doing my best to measure up to everyone that’s the same age as me..!✊



Thank you for your support🫧












All the 3rd gen members profiles are being opened~☺️🫧






The vlog format videos have been great to watch, I look forward to them every day! They’re all so good at filming..!



They all speak so confidently and have such cute faces, I’m really looking forward to working with them!



Keep up the good work~☺️💓








Thank you for reading until the end!




Kousaka Marino

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