2021_MTV_EMA🇭🇺 (2021.10.27)


There is something I am very happy and honored about…


I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation
from Miyazaki, Matsuda Rina.



Thank you very much for opening this blog


To our surprise…!!

Sakurazaka46 has been nominated in Europe’s largest music awards

“2021 MTV EMA”
Best Local Act award / BEST JAPAN ACT category!!




I am truly happy to have been nominated for such a honorific award!


The winner is decided by voting!

That means the group that get the most vote out of the five nominees will be awarded the prize!


So, if it’s not too much trouble,


I’d like to ask the help of Buddies!


I tried to vote myself, and you can easily vote as much as you wanted!


You can vote from here!
I’d be grateful if you could vote for us!!

As we have been nominated, I want to win!

We don’t really get this kind of chance, so I’d like to seize this opportunity!


The deadline is until 11th November 2021 at 07:59AM JST!


We look forward to your support!!










Everyone, have you seen the new Fanclub CM??



I shot it together with Kobayashi-san and Masumoto!


It was also quite chaotic during the filming lol


We danced so hard during the chanting that we sweat from it~


In the last “You should have told us earlieeeer! Bonk!” part, we laughed so much that we only succeeded once

I’m supposed to start speaking from “eeer~”, but it hits my sense of humor that I laughed over and over again, I couldn’t really bring myself to finish until the final “Bonk” lol



And the director for the Fanclub and Mobame CM this time is Director Yoshida, who directed my individual PV for 1st single, “One Summer Day, In the Broadcasting Room”. I finally could meet him, and directly convey to him my gratitude and impression of the individual PV!

I hope that we could work together again!



The fans often told me of how they like “Hakai Hahen” that I sing in my individual PV, songwriting was also handled by Director Yoshida~!

I also love “Hakai Hahen”!



I went a little bit off-topic, but if you didn’t catch the CM, you can see in in Sakurazazka46’s Official YouTube so by all means please do give it a check!









2nd November

We will be appearing on

NHK’s “Utacon”!!!

It starts from 07:57PM JST~!

By all means, please do give it a look!





Thank you very much for reading this blog.


See ya 🌺🌴






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