2022 Tour Osaka① (2022.10.01)

Good evening〜



The 2nd TOUR 2022 “As you know?”

Finally started🌸



The first stop is Osaka!


2 days of the Osaka concert have finished!


Thank you very much

To the people who came🫶🏻



Did you have fun〜?


I think it is different 

From the last year’s tour…!


I want to quickly talk about it 

Like, did it surprise you?!



Thank you for your cooperation

In restricting the use of penlights!


Everyone was perfect〜👌🏻



I also saw a lot of towels and fans!
Thank you for the flowers too🤍


Pink, frills, ribbons

The fans that everyone made

Were really cute, it made me happy🎀



I also want to take a picture of

The fans that everyone made〜!



I can’t decide which one to post

So I’ll just post them all🐴



Next is Hiroshima〜!My first time in Hiroshima〜!


I’m excited to meet

Everyone who will come to the Hiroshima concert🫧


Please be careful on your way〜!



10 more performances to go! I’ll do my best✊🏻

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