Cheesecake (2022.10.01)

Good evening!



2nd TOUR 2022“As you know?”


Thank you so much for the

2 days of performance in Osaka 🐙♡



This year the tour started

in my hometown Osaka~!



I’m happy (^^)





On one side, it was the first day of the tour

and I was also a bit nervous about

how everyone would react but



you are all so kind and warm.




There were so many moments

where I felt moved.




Being able to create the best time

together with all of you

made my heart overfilled with joy.



I also searched a lot for

towels, penlights and uchiwa fans~!!!!


Thank you so much as always. 🧸🌸







The tour has just started, so there’s still a lot more to come!



From here, we’ll get the chance to visit

Hiroshima, Miyagi, Aichi, Fukuoka, and Tokyo Dome.



We will do our best

to show you a new side of us in each performance💪‪‪☺︎


Cheesecake (2022.10.01)
**left caption: Light blue x White is cute♡♡ Thank you.
**right caption: This glass flower is amazing…>< Thank you.

**left caption: This mini-costume is so amazing! Thank you.
**right caption: A bear made of pink flowers! Cute♡🐻💕

**left caption: “I’m home!” (^^) I’m so happy to get Pooh-san! Thank you.
**right caption: Such a wonderful big bouquet🌸 Thank you.




These are the congratulatory flowers I received in the Osaka performance. 💐♡


It made me happy~.

Thank you so much!!




Within 4 days, we will perform in Hiroshima! 🍁


I will do my best~!!!





I’m looking forward to your support ‪‪☺︎




See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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