2023 Tour – Fukuoka② (2023.06.04)



Good afternoon.



The tour is over, 
but I will gradually update my blog.




The second day of the Fukuoka concert 
was the graduation ceremony of Yumi-chan.



She was beautiful in her dress~! A princess.



Yumi-chan and I
have often been paired with each other at handshake events 
and on TV programs since the early days
when the 2nd-generation members joined, 

We even did magazine shoots together 
and I got to visit her home.

When we were paired up at the handshake event, 
she said that my fans 
were very kind to her, 
I was happy to hear her talk about that 
at the last Kochihoshi.



We get excited about common things,
And it was always, “Did you see that?” or “Did you see it?” 
I have particularly fond memories of talking with her.



During your last live performance, 
there was the choreography of putting my hand 
on Yumi-chan’s shoulder in “Samidareyo” 
and our eyes always meet
during the interlude of “Masatsukeisuu”
I thought, “Oh, this is the last time we’re going to do this.”

Although there was no rule that we should make eye contact,

Our eyes didn’t meet in the beginning,
but gradually we got used to each other and started making eye contact,
and toward the end, we were even smiling,
I was happy〜!



I could hear everyone crying in my earpiece 
during the 2nd generation members’
performance of “Guuzen no Kotae” and “Mugon no Uchuu”, 
and I couldn’t resist crying.



Thank you so much for almost 4 and a half years.
I hope to see you again in the future!





Kira-chan, Ten-chan



Yu-chan, Airi-chan, Rika-chan




They are all adorable.

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