Start over! (2023.06.03)




A few days ago, the music video for our 6th single “Start over!” was released!


Thank you for the 1.67 million views.


When I was reading the comments section, I saw a few people that said “I came to watch it because it was trending.”


I think it was thanks to a lot of Buddies watching it so much that it could rise to trending. 


I’m grateful to each and every one of you for your efforts.


Once again, I hope that we can continue to expand the circle of Buddies together!


📌 櫻坂46『Start over!』




Ever since the day I was given my position in the 6th single title song “Start over!”, I’ve been full of gratitude.


I want to honestly enjoy this chance I’ve been given, as it’s not something to take for granted.


Since becoming Sakurazaka, no matter how few songs I perform in or what my position is, I’m glad I’ve always approached everything I do with my absolute best and enjoyed doing it,
And now, if only just a little bit, it feels like I can approve of the way I’ve been up until now.


Since I will be participating, I’ll work as hard as always so that I can contribute to the song!


Through this, I’d also like to give back to all the fans that have been supporting me all this time.
Thank you so much for continuing to support me for so long.


Let’s all get hyped for “Start over!”❕






The three of us from 1:46 in the music video





Offshot from 1:49 in the music video





My top is a short sleeved shirt with a stylish part towards the bottom





Akipo, who had a headband on for the music video, stuffed tissues under it during the break





With one of the papers that were flying around at the end of the music video





Fujikichi’s Ass Support Squad
[t/n: the 2nd kanji in “Fujiyoshi” (吉) can be read “kichi”]




There are even more photos posted on my Instagram, so please check it out☺️






It will be released on Wednesday, June 28th!


Thank you for your support😌

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