I was watching videos on my phone until dawn (2023.06.03)




Everyone, thank you for your hard work these past 10 days 🌝



Everyday, everyone
is amazing〜!
and doing their best!


There are days when it’s raining and cold, but
please take it easy and don’t catch a cold ☺︎






The one in charge for today’s blog
is Ishimori Rika.!







Unkempt hair






Today’s blog is going to be a bit long
Please read it when you have the time!



First is… about the 3rd TOUR 2023…

It was the first time for us to stand on stage with our seniors.
The lesson period, the rehearsal period, and the performance itself,
I really thought about various things
and encountered a variety of emotions



It all happened sooo fast,
To all of you who came to the venues,
and all of you who watched the livestream,
Thank you very much.


The seniors are really cool (т т)♡
I hope I can get closer to them
Carrying what I felt through this tour in my heart
I will do my best!





The 3rd gen performed “Natsu no Chikamichi” and “Dead end”.
All the 3rd gen members, including the MC, talked a lot to improve the power of each performance


It was a wonderful time ☺︎


I am a shy person, but
Recently, I feel that I have been able to get noticeably closer to everyone in the 3rd gen
I’m happy to have met everyone who wants to be together like this



Riko-chan and Nagi-chan are sleeping next to me right now
Even the sight of them is adorable…
They’re lying in the same direction, so cuteー!!♡



Nagi and I were in the same room at the hotel
We had too much fun again
I’ll tell you the story next time ☺︎






On the last day of the Kanagawa show and on the Osaka show
We also performed a special BAN

To be honest, I thought I would never dance BAN again.
When I heard about it, I was surprised and filled with anxiety at the same time
To everyone who supported me,
and everyone who cheered for me,
Thank you so much.
To be able to have this opportunity,
I am very happy


Both my ear monitors came off while dancing BAN on the second day in Osaka…

I don’t know if it’s good to say that it was thanks to that, but
I could hear everyone’s voice directly

I almost cried while dancing ( ˃ ˂ )
I was really moved
Everyone’s cheers and applause after the performance
I will never forget them!

Thank you very much!








Everyone’s power is really amazing

I received a letter that said
“Rika-chan gives me energy everyday,
but I can’t give anything to her”



No!! I’m the one who receives energy!!



I check frequently to see if I’ve received letters
I read them over and over again
I leave a note on my phone with your kind words and read them when I’m having a hard time
I look forward to the meet and greet everyday
I still replay the last meet and greet in my head
When I wave to you at the concert and you smile and wave back, I can’t help but smile at that moment


There are sooo many more

Everyone’s power is so great that
if I start talking about it there would be no end




I get so much love from all of you
Always, thank you so much (т т)

I will continue to love you







And the meet and greet applications for the 6th single have started!


I wonder if some of you have applied for the 1st and 2nd rounds…
I’d be so happy if you have



Let’s smile, be excited,
be thrilled, and be happy〜

I have more time to participate now than last time so
I will wear various clothes and do my hairー!
Please make lots of requests


( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝ )♡




The 3rd round will be held from
June 7, Wednesday, 14:00
to June 8, Thursday, 14:00
So, if you’d like, I’ll be waiting for you 🧸




↑Apply hereー!









And on June 4th
I will appear on “Kochira Yurakucho Hoshizora Housoukyoku”!


My beloved radio〜
And Kochi Hoshi, which I’ve been listening to for a long time〜

I was really looking forward to it
But when I thought I would be able to appear on my beloved radio,
I was super nervous, lol

But Inoue-san talked to me kindly
It was fun ☺︎


I’d be happy if you checked it out 📻




On the previous Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?
was the reaction location episode

Due to past trauma
I hyperventilated right before the ride and
was unable to ride the roller coaster


I wanted to do my best
I’m sorry to show you my cowardliness…

I wanted to be able to participate in the location shoot afterwards as well
The staff made my physical condition the first priority ( ᵕ ᵕ̩̩ )



The second part will be broadcast tomorrow!
Everyone worked very hard again, and
I also did my best! Please watch it ☺︎












I want a place where I can release my feelings
From that thought
I auditioned



I, who loved cute idols,
ended up captivated by this group
because the girls on stage were absorbed in the music without a care
and performing with their whole heart and soul


Somewhere in various places
Each of us has our own feelings
Putting that into the lyrics, songs, choreography, and staging,
You set yourself free

I hope I can be like that, too
I would like to continue to do my best in the performances



That’s what I thought,
While looking back on the tour.!

I’ll do my bestー.










ate too much takoyaki from the catering in Osaka
She told me
“The staff will think I’ve come back for more so please go get it for me!”
So I went to get the takoyaki for Miu 🐙
Miu eats a lot
That side of her is cute


We went to eat cheesecake together recently〜






That’s it for today’s blog!

The person in charge of tomorrow’s blog
Is the one, who on the last day of the Kanagawa concert,
held my hand until the end when I cried during the MC,

That made me so happy…thank you ( ; ; )














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