2023 Tour – Kanagawa (2023.06.07)




Good afternoon



I’m sorry it took so long,

To everyone who came to the Kanagawa performance
of Sakurazaka46’s “3rd TOUR 2023”,
Thank you for coming even though it was raining 🤍



We are performing for three days,
so I was worried about our physical fitness, 
but with everyone, I was able to overcome it




Photo from the 1st day! Habu-chan and Yuipon

The dressing room was small and only the 1st generation members were separated, 
but the 3rd gen girl who came in by mistake was cute.




I got called “Rina-chan” by everyone
during the MC

I’ve always wanted to be called like that
so I’m happy!!! Thank you!!!

The moment it was over, 
I regretted that I should have asked the audience 
to repeat Rina three times for the three of us




After the live show,
the release of the 6th single was announced!

I am delighted
that I was able to join the title song!!!!!

It’s hard to convey in writing, 
and I haven’t been able to write much on the blog, 
but I still have feelings of frustration
even though a long time has passed.

Thank you for always telling me 
you’re supporting me no matter what position I have!



From June 7(Wed) 14:00
Until June 8 (Thu) 14:00
The application for the meet and greet is open, so I’ll be waiting🫶🏻

Please let me know your thoughts on the tour, the 6th single, 
and your recent happenings.




Yukka and Risa 
also came to see the live performance on this day.

I was happy




On the second day, Riko and I were in charge of the pre-show announcement 🎤

Riko was so cute
when she read the script for the pre-show announcement
while holding the paper with outstretched arms as if it was a certificate



Our eyes often meet wherever we go (laughs)




Photo from the 3rd day! Rena-chan, Marino-chan




That reminds me, there was a moment in one of the songs that day
Where I had eye contact with Mii-chan
After that, our eyes met every time that part of the song comes
Which song do you think it was?

I’ll send the answer in the message app✉️*




One quick photo before the live show!

I changed my hair color and 
cut my hair a little since the Fukuoka performance

I wonder if someone noticed💭




See you〜




*The correct answer is Samidare yo

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