20230828 Murayama Miu (2023.08.28)









The words I often use to respond to people close to me

I often say  ehh  and  haha  to my family






Everyone, thank you for always keeping up with my laid back stories




Late in the blog to give my name
I’m Murayama
Please take care of me today as well




This is the kind of person who’s writing this blog






August is ending in a few daysー
I won’t miss it, since I hate summer
More like “Autumn, winterーー comeーー”
Can’t wait





Since summer is ending,
Did you do anything summery?



For me,
It feels like I probably spent a summery summer this year


Playing in the water
Cutting watermelons
Shaved ice
The sea
Sunflower field



Bright and dazzling words lined up
Really summery, huh?





Also, one more summer story


I appeared in
8/23 Seventeen Natsu no Gakuensai 2023
Thank you very much


The third gens performed Natsu no Chikamichi



Speaking of Natsu no Chikamichi, everyone’s cheers come to mind
But this time the seniors also cheered together



I wonder if people watching the broadcast noticed that


They were practicing all the time in the waiting room
I’m grateful
So happy










Have you gotten used to my short hair?
I’ve gotten used to the current me,
So much that looking at the old me with long hair feels weird now


I said that I cut my hair because I felt like it before, but let me rephrase it a bit

Maybe it’s more like I was
Feeling like I want to change, Feeling like I want an opportunity to change myself






To Murayama a few months ago


Smile more


From the Murayama now






People have been telling me more that
I’m smiling more

Maybe I’m starting to show my true colors a little more
I’m grateful  to those around me who always make me laugh



Thank you
For noticing even the littlest change too

I’mー so happyーーーー















I changed the scent of my room

Even though it’s almost autumn,
I changed it to a summery scent

*Grinning broadly*








I just remembered
I showed my report card for my self-introduction at the audition


Probably because I was happy that my score went up a lot from second to third grade

So nostalgic










The letters I received after Real Meet & Greet,


Everyone’s writing looked more cheerful, and I could feel the emotions within it
If I were to reply to the letters one by one, seems like my writing would look cheerful too


There are a lot of things I want to tell you,
And things I want you to know,
It’d probably look quite cheerful




I cheered up after reading the cheerful letters
I’m always really grateful



Talking about letters made me remember
When will my mobame start?


I want to be free to do whatever I want
It’s great to have a private space just for us
Isn’t it?




I don’t know when will it start, but look forward to it















Tomorrow is Yamashita

This is quite old, but Yamashita and I pretended to vlog when we hung out   it’s pretty funny rewatching it now
We went to the Sakura Cafe and looked at the lights on Christmas, had a relaxing 3 days and 2 nights trip, had a pretty care-free time

Like that







See you
Please stay healthy

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