4th Single (2022.02.14)


Good morning


It has been decided
that Sakurazaka46’s 4th single
“Samidare yo” will be released on 6th April!


We are truly grateful to be able to release it on 6th April, which is a very special day for us.


This single will not only be the graduation single of Watanabe Risa and Harada Aoi,
but the title song will also be centered by Yamasaki Ten for the first time!



Due to my appearance in the musical “Curtains”, in this single, I will only be participating in the all-types coupling song centered by Risa,
in which everyone participates in.

I am truly sorry
to have given the people who always support me complicated feelings.



I wanted to properly participate in the song
so I consulted with the staff many times to find a way to balance the two,
and was very troubled until we reached this decision.


Sakurazaka46 is also important for me,
and I am also aware that I am in a position with responsibility.



The schedule for the single production and the rehearsal period of the musical “Curtains”, which is set to start from 26th February, perfectly coincided with one another.


The stage play will be my first musical, and will be a quite big challenge in my life,
at the same time, I think it’s a valuable chance to make people aware of Sakurazaka.


Thankfully, I was given the incredible opportunity to work with such a prominent cast and to play the role of a wonderful heroine.


I have been desperately making preparations since last year in order to improve my skills as much as possible for this stage.


While I understand that this is an individual job that I owe to the group,
it was physically difficult for me to balance the production of multiple Sakurazaka songs and rehearsals for the musical in which I am still a rookie and inexperienced.


Sakurazaka has a unique system now,
so if I was going to cause trouble by participating in the single production with half-hearted efforts, then I thought it would be best for the group if I pull out of the 4th single and allow another member to reliably participate in it.


However, I also had the important feelings of wanting to send off Risa and Aoi that I have been walking together with in a proper way,
and after talking with the staff, we’ve arranged our schedules to allow for my participation only in the all-types coupling song.


I am glad that we were able to produce music together with all members and were able to fulfill the members’ wishes at the end.

I too, am very happy to be able to perform next to Risa at the end.


I am grateful that a new option has been created for me.


I will do my best to deliver both the song I am participating in and the musical
with all my heart.



While the members are doing their best in the 4th single’s activity,
I will give it my all to be of as much help as possible to everyone by making people know of Sakurazaka46 from a different angle.

And I will continue to work hard with determination so that I can definitely come back to the group with improvements.

I would be truly happy if you could watch over us.


While I am only participating in one song, I will be participating in all meguri days, so I’d be happy if you could come and visit.


We look forward to your support of Sakurazaka46’s 4th single.


Sugai Yuuka

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