#58 Hiatus Announcement😌🌱 (2022.09.06)

Thank you for opening my blog.

I am Endo Hikari, 23 years old from Kanagawa Prefecture.


I am writing this blog today because there’s something I’d like to talk to you all about.

As was officially announced on the homepage a little while ago, I will be taking a hiatus for a short while due to poor health.

I’ve consulted with doctors and staff on what I should do to continue working healthily as part of this Sakurazaka46 group I love, which has been a concern of mine for a long time now. As a result of that discussion, I’ve decided to focus fully on getting medical treatment so that I can improve my condition and show everyone that I am in good health when I return.

Working as Sakurazaka46, the group, performing, the music, are all things I can’t help but love so, so much that even on my days off I think about the next concert or job and have been non-stop thinking “Oh I wanna be in this one too!” “I wanna appear here!” “I can still keep going!” and haven’t given myself the chance to actually take a break.

The members who have been seeing me like that have kindly listened to me, are always around to think things over with me, and especially lately have been showering me with love.

The staff around me have always thought about my health before anything else and they are what has allowed me to keep going all this time.

All your letters and voices of support are always encouraging me and are what allowed me to participate in W-KEYAKI FES this summer.
I love that I could see that beautiful scenery up close and feel unified being alongside everyone at the venue.
And so, I want to show you all that I’m healthy and dancing on stage! That’s me reaffirming my own feelings.

That’s why this absence won’t be a negative thing, I just think of it as me getting the treatment I need to get myself back in good condition so that I’m able to show myself in a more vibrant form once I’ve rested.

Please wait just a little while for me😌🌱
I’ll be back no matter what🌸


Thank you for reading my blog again today☺︎

I’d be happy if you could read the next one as well.

Well then☺️


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