I’m feeling perfectly fine now (2022.09.06)

I’m feeling perfectly fine now*



After my COVID-19 recovery period,


I am grateful to everyone who supports me

I am grateful to be able to work


I would like to spend everyday in gratitude!





I will do my best to keep my spirits up…

Once again, thank you for your continued support 🫧





Tomorrow, September 7 (Wednesday), 8:00


I will appear on “Love it!” for the first time in three weeks 🐰




During my recovery period, I watched the show every day without fail

and laughed a lot from the morning on!



The other week, I was called Zono-chan a lot,

I was also so happy to see the caption “Zono are you watching?”


Of course I’m watching!




Last week, Hono-chan came on as a substitute

I’m so glad she called on me…

Thank you!! That’s how I feel✴︎









I will be back in the studio starting tomorrow, and I hope you will be able to watch the show 🐰







There are sooo many more things I want to write about


so I will write more soon





I wish for all the Buddies, as well as the people you love and care about, to be in good health*




Ozono Rei

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