#6 Debut🌸✨ (2020.12.07)


Thank you for opening my blog!


21 years old from Kanagawa prefecture, I am Endo Hikari!




Sakurazaka46’s first single “Nobody’s fault” goes on sale the day after tomorrow🌸✨✨


And also, tomorrow is the Debut Countdown Live!

I’m so happy that I can be with the group for its fresh start.

I’m grateful for the situation I’m in now, but keeping that in mind, I want to keep doing my best to move forward and grow in the future!

Please watch over me for it☺︎

Tomorrow all 7 of our songs will be released in their fully edited form for the first time, so if you’re coming to the theatre tomorrow, let’s all have fun together!

tl: by theatre she means the Tokyo International Forum where the live is being broadcasted on screen, in person


Today’s post is a bit short, but that’s it!

Thank you for reading today’s blog☺︎

I’d be happy if you could read the next Hikarin blog as well!

See ya later!





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