INORI BLOG (2020.12.04)


This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.

It’s already December now.
I have yet to use the heating unit!

It’s just because my skin is easily getting dry www.

(even so, I wonder how good the insulation in their apartment is, because most Japanese mansion does not even have insulation layer in the wall… and I’m always chilling out during winter myself).

Every year during this season, I’m always troubled because of my dry skin, but I have finally found a body cream which really suits me!

It must be destiny.

I have updated the selfie for the greeting card! (you’ll find it around Twitter)

I tried to draw Santa-san, and I think I drew him quiet well~!

Please have a look.

Announcement for December 2nd (Wed)

On [Weekly TV Guide], 2020 12/11 edition,
The three of us ~ Oonuma Akiho-chan, Takemoto Yui, and Inoue Rina ~ are featured there!!

You can find interview regarding the 1st Single release and photos as well!

Announcement for December 4th (Fri)

I had a photoshoot together with Harada Aoi-san for publication in the [Young Magazine].

It was the first time for me to have a photoshoot together with Aoi-chan. It was really fun!
(first she called her Harada Aoi-san, and then suddenly Aoi-chan >_<)

Burikko pose. (Burikko in English is… uh… burikko…)

The knitwear are so cute~

I’ll be glad if you can have it with you. (please buy them mags! >_<)<

The other day, the trailer of the individual PV recorded for the 1st Single has been released!
Everyone, have you watched it?

[Koishite ❤️Rina Wave](seems like there’s no more Inoue Uppercut now. We got a new special attack : The Rina wave that will make you fall in love)

It’s my first individual PV! I want to hear your thoughts about it~
I have yet to see it (seriously???), but it seems like the concept is made such that it looks like a test broadcast!

I’ll surely sing along to the song if I hear it www

[Rina-Rina Wave]Everyone,
make the shape of [Ri (り in hiragana)] with your fingers, and emit the beam as well~

(link for the PV trailer : [KOISHITE RINA WAVE].
I personally really like her geeky look with the glasses >_<. The song is quiet infectious as well. I linked it to the entire playlist of the 1st Single individual PVs)

Well then, that’s about it for today,

Thank you for reading up until the end.

Bye-bye 🦒

Inoue Rina

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