#61 ✨ 2nd Year (2022.12.09)

Thank you very much for opening this blog.


I’m 23 years old Endo Hikari from Kanagawa.





Hello everyone, it’s been a while.


I made my return on 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY ~ Buddies Thanksgiving~ which was held yesterday and today.


I’m sorry for making you worry a lot.


I’m not fully recovered yet, but I hope to gradually continue my activities in my own way.


Thank you very much for your warm welcome at the event.
I was very helped by your warmth.


Please continue to support me from now on 🙇🏻‍♀️🌱


I’d like to write my thoughts slowly, so I’ll update again later ✉️

Habu-chan 🥰

Poppo-san~ 🐟
During the tour, she told me, “I feel lonely without Hikarin”.
Thank you~

See you~




Thank you very much for reading my blog again today ☺︎


I’d be happy if you could read my next blog as well.


Well then~

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