Gratitude! (2022.12.08)




Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱





And today is…

Sakurazaka46 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY〜
Buddies Thanksgiving Party〜




I hope I can convey my gratitude
To the fullest!

I hope we can have a wonderful time together,
sharing and communicating 
our appreciation and enjoyment^ ^


I’m sure the Buddies will be pleased 
with the content from start to finish, 
so look forward to it!

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of Sakurazaka46!
Let’s celebrate with everyone〜

Let’s meet each other later🌸










Goods were also released〜

Many of the items are fresh and new,
such as towels with pink names 
and goods inscribed with “Buddies” for the first time, 
so please check them out if you like👀


I wore my hair in a bun for my Santa costume〜












Sakurazaka46 RISA WATANABE 
was released yesterday!


The other day, when I had a SHOWROOM with Habu-chan, 
I introduced a lot of things
the content was very nice🌸


The making was moving and entertaining
with the warm live performance that is typical of Risa-san…

By all means, please watch it〜












I’d like to change the topic…




We appeared in Best Artists 2022
the other day!


The number of lasers was amazing 
and I was excited the whole time✊🏻

It was cool, right〜

Thank you for the wonderful production!


Tour costumes〜

Thank you very much to everyone who watched!











Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end!






The end🌱






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