#93 My master 🌸 (2023.11.27)

Thank you very much for opening my blog.



It’s Sakurazaka46’s Endo Hikari.








To all the many Buddies who endured the cold last weekend.

Thank you very much for coming to celebrate Sakurazaka46’s 3rd Anniversary which was held in ZOZO Marine Stadium!

We are very happy to receive your support for Sakurazaka46.





Today’s blog is about Habu-chan’s graduation ceremony that was held on the first day of the anniversary live.




Because I was supposed to return on the second day, I did not participate in the ceremony and instead watched over it through streaming from the dressing room.


I told Habu-chan, “I won’t be able to come, but I’ll be watching over you from the stream!”, so after the show, I went to see her as a surprise!




I was happy to be able to see Habu-chan in her dress up close following her graduation stage. She was truly beautiful.





The truth is, I was able to give Habu-chan a card with a mandala on it, a letter, and a present that I’ve been working on little by little since the rehearsal period

and as we talked, I couldn’t help but think, “This is my last time together with Sakurazaka’s Habu-chan”, and could no longer hold back my feelings.



And I felt so happy to have been able to have this moment.



I talked about what I think of Habu-chan’s presence many times in different places, but it’s not just simply because I like her or that she’s my oshimen, but also because of how she herself as an individual.

As a woman, she is someone I aspire to be.



That feeling hasn’t changed from the time I was a trainee and joined the group, even now I still respect her.



Ever since I joined Keyakizaka46, she always had high expectations from me and told me that I’m her oshimen, which gave me confidence.



As Habu-chan has graduated, it still hasn’t sunk into me yet that she’s no longer in the group, but I am sure that I will slowly feel it through my future activities.




I have so many memories with her.

Celebrating Habu-chan’s birthday during my hiatus. Having my clothes fully coordinated by her. How we went out to get meals together.


We spent a lot of time together, and sometimes she would give me a pep talk.



Habu-chan was the first senior that I spent so much time together with during my private time, and she comforted me when I felt lonely in many ways.




Habu-chan’s presence was very big for me, so I felt very lonely.


But at the same time, as her graduation day approaches, I feel even more strongly that I need to be more dependable than I am now.



From now on, I will give it my all so that I can be a strength to Sakurazaka46.

As a disciple of Habu. I will grow as an individual firmly.



And may Habu-chan’s future be always filled with excitement ✨






🦋 Announcement 🦋


Tomorrow at 6pm JST, I will upload the video on the production of the graduation presents that I gave to Habu-chan on my mobame 📹


I will also talk about my memories with Habu-chan and others, so I’d be grateful if you could come and give it a look ✉️









Thank you very much for reading today’s blog as well.


I’d be happy if you could read my next one as well. Well then 🦋





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