A happyーー day! (2023.10.18)

Good evening.


Everyone, how are you!


It’s Yuuzu. I’m doing well.


Today is the release day for the 7th single, “Shonin Yokkyu”!


Everyone, thank you always for your support.



I hope it will reach your heart ♡




SHIBUYA TSUTAYA-san has put on a wonderful exhibition this time as well.



Found hanging Yuuzu


[T/N: The signage says “Nakashima Yuzuki-chan has been chosen to be a regular on Mondays for TBS ‘Love it!'”]

I also found this signage filled with love! I’m really happy. Thank you very much.



They put on quite a big exhibition, so please come see it if you can~ 👀





I hope this single will be loved by a lot of people.











Well then, recent stuffs about me


Since I haven’t been home for a while, my mom sent me a package.



And, one of the things inside it was


Lookーー! Isn’t it so cuteー

She also sent me a fluffy top that really fits my tasteー Thanks 🐦





Well then, I’ll go to sleep wrapped in its warmthー


Good night




I hope everyone will have a good day tomorrow too 🌻



See you



From Yuuzu

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