A lot of things that happen intermittently 🌸 (2022.02.09)



Good evening☺︎






I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
from Shizuoka 🐟🌻










Last week, I was able to participate in Sokosaku’s valentine confession fantasy!



When I was thinking about the script,
I have a longing for an orthodox romantic one, but I feel shy to act it myself…

so I went for a story that is slightly funny 🙉



I’d be glad if you could laugh at it too☺︎










Seki-kun is so cool
and he was great on top of a suspension bridge too!



Even though it was an unusual situation
Yumi-chan gave it her all,
screaming “I love you!” loudly
that’s truly kind and I fell for Yumi-chan as well!




Thank you
for coming to the suspension bridge together with me*・






School uniform sure felt nostalgic~~~








I also took a lot of pictures with the cute heroines


Hono-chan and Yumio-kun’s is a storm of romantic ♡
I want to see the drama adaptation!






Run-chan and Rinao-kun’s romance was also lovely
I’d love to see a movie out of this one!!!




And twin-tailed sailor uniform-wearing Kirazou from next week
is also something to look forward to ✨





Soft Rena

Next week’s Renaa is great too~ 🤎











And then,

the release of the 4th single


“Samidare yo” has been decided!!




It will be released on cherry blossom season, 6th April 🌸



In this season of new beginnings,
I hope that we could be Sakurazaka who could encourage the Buddies!





And then until 10th February 2PM JST


The first application round of
online meet & greet is open!



For me, my time with you

and my time with the members are both the most important thing right now.


I am already looking forward to being able to chat with you!
Let’s have a fun time together 🍀




I’d be happy if you could come and see me ☺︎










And Risa-san, Aoi-san
will be graduating with this single

No matter how many times I have experienced my senior’s graduation
it still pains me,


But because they are the two who is kind and I admire

I’d like to give my all to cheer
for the two who will shine even brighter from now on!



I’d like to put my feelings into Risa-san’s and Aoi-san’s last single
and do my best.









I was able to decorate the cover of MARQUEE that is releasing on 22nd February
together with Kira-chan!

I feel so happy to be able to decorate the cover for the first time!
I joked around and had a serious conversation with Kira-chan, it was very fun!


I’d be happy if you could give it a look~ 🤖🤡







Thank you very much for reading until the end!!



I wonder if it will snow today?







You are caught in a 35cm tall swamp

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