A summer-lover born in winter  Nakashima Yuzuki (2023.08.13)




It was funー!!!


Thank you for today ☺





Good evening.

This is Nakashima Yuzuki.



Everyone, are you doing well?


I’m doing really really really well (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)






Today, August 13th, the long-awaited real meet & greet was held!

Thank you very much ♡


I was happy to be able to meet everyone ^_^

I received a lot of love,,😌
Thank you very much for coming to see me!





This is us from today

Mio Miu Yuuzu lane!
It was really fun, wasn’t itー The three of us talked excitedlyー








Thank you as always for all the wonderful flowers addressed to Yuuzu 💐

I took a look properly! They smelled nice. Thank you

I’ll post a picture of them next time ♩






By the way, for today’s yukata, Reina put on the obi (belt) for me 🧸 thanks

I watched videos of how to wear yukata every night for practice, hehe
How was it? Does it suit me?

I practiced in order to show it to everyone so please say I look cute in it 🐦



Let’s meet again ☺









Change of topic



We appeared at IDOL RUNWAY COLLECTION Supported by TGC on August 7th.

It was fun~!!! ♩

It was the best!
Everyone who came to the venue, thank you for your cheers.


It was an important day when we felt that we were building a foundation of teamwork while taking on many challenges as 3rd generation members.


I realized that I need to increase my stamina more and more
I was out of breath during the MC,,.


I’ll work hard for next time! 💪







We appeared at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL yesterday, August 12th. 


It was a sparkling sunny day!
Thank you for coming even in the heat.

I was thrilled to hear everyone’s passionate cheers.
It’s a scenery I will never forget,,!



It was a valuable experience for me.
I’ll do my best while cherishing and building on top of each experience☺








I took the pictures while moving so it ended up looking like Ozono-san was left behind,,


She’s alllways smiling at us with that exceedingly cute smile~ I love her~


Day by day, I keep thinking “Why are the seniors so kind?”
I’m always grateful.





Oh, right! The costume is new! Different colors for the seniors and the 3rd gens! The moment I saw it, my heart fluttered.


Having such a beautiful costume made for us, I’m so grateful,,!

I hope I could wear it again ♩








🌻I’ll answer some questions 🌻



Q. Your favorite character?

A. Sirotan

The other day, I celebrated Sirotan’s birthday by getting a new Sirotan plush 🦭

I’m healed by the cute Sirotan every day 🦭




Q. What do you usually eat at summer festivals?

A. Chilled pineapple! Definitely! And shaved ice! I’ll also drink lemonade! All of them are cold



Q. What are you into recently?

A. Watching live performances! Of the seniors! I also watch the rehearsal videos often. I’m watching them closely, replaying them over and over. I also watch our own rehearsal videos a lot.

I watched the “Start over!” dance practice video on our official channel countless times. I really like watching those kinds of videos!







A selfie of a really happy after discovering the choco mint float in ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL’s catering Yuuzu
Was what I wanted to upload, but I’m going to post this freshly taken photo!
I’ll post the choco mint next time!





Three sisters
[T/N: Their group name during Omotenashikai]

Beloved Airiko






Hope to see you again in good health 🌻





Tomorrow is Mio~!
We just talked about how nothing comes to mind when we are asked about a MioYuuzu story. MioYuuzu is just our daily life. 





See you




From Yuuzu




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