Abura wo Sase! (2024.02.07)


Good evening

Last night, the MV for “Abura wo Sase!” was released



How was it…? 😭






The many kind words and atmosphere
I received from the members

The passionate thoughts and the encouragement
I received from the many staff involved in the production, including the director
And the various meanings and love put into this work



While savoring each and every one of them
I did my best to
Let out my power to its limit until the end




While I was dancing
There were moments when my tears would flow down by themselves

While I was dancing
There were also moments when I thought there was no better time to be alive



This work taught me
Various emotions I have never known before



I would be happy if you think of this
As Sakurazaka46’s, the group’s new MV


I want it to reach as many people as possible
Please watch it over and over again…!



Thank you very much as always

Please also give love to the
“Abura wo Sase!” MV
As you did for all the previous releases


We’ll be in your care…!!










The applications for the 4th round of the meet & greet are currently going on ☺︎

By all means, please tell me your thoughts about the MV directly…!



Personally, the words I trust most are
The words I receive from all of you
That’s why, what you tell me and what you think of me
Bring me incredible joy

It really gives me a reason to do my best


I want to converse a lot with you… ☺︎

If you are even the slightest bit interested, I’ll be waiting! 🥺✨



Thank you ☺︎ 




Well then
I’ll post again soon…!

Good night

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