Hello (2024.02.07)



The music video for
Abura wo Sase!

Which is included in
The 8th single   Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka?
Which will be released on   2/21   (Wed)
Was released on YouTube

I styled my bangs thicker
For this day
̳- ·̫ – ̳



Please do give it a watch










Just now,
I heard that all my slots for
The 8th single’s meet & greet was sold out

I’m imagining things, such as,
Will that person come again, or
I’m sure that the first timers
are feeling nervous, things like that
I’m looking forward to it




Thank you very much
To everyone who applied
Let’s have fun







In between work
We made a dog and a cat








Murayama Miu

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