Anniversary Live🌸 (2021.12.28)


Hello everyone!



Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino here ☃️





Sorry, it took so long to update my blog…



Thank you to everyone who watched the 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE concert that has been held on December 9th and 10th!




The concert was so fun 🍥


I’m so excited about the next year’s anniversary because the number of songs we have is gonna increase and it’ll be a more fun concert! ☺️🤎




In the concert, we recreated Omosabi MV and it was amazing~! 🥁🎲










Kobayashi-san also returns from her hiatus and I’m looking forward to working together with her again! 🐶








And, December 19th was the Meet and Greet day and it also remarks as Akane-san and Rika-san graduation day.


It surely made me feel lonely but I’ll support both of them from now on!


The dress they wore at the anniversary concert was so beautiful and I’m glad had a chance to watch Aozora to Marry 🥐💄


Congratulations on your graduation! ☺️






I’ll write another blog soon 🍓





Thank you for reading until the end!


Make sure you guys stay warm since it’s getting colder ❄️



Kousaka Marino



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