As a season regular for three months (2022.09.29)

As a season regular for three months from July to September


on Love it! we were able to peacefully reach the end 🐰







Getting to look forward to Wednesdays

and getting to smile from the morning


While thinking it would be nice if there were more people like that…




It’s been a while since I’ve done a memo 📝


When I look back on what I wrote, it brings back memories of that week, like “this thing happened”



I’m glad I took on the challenge of taking Zono memos for the past 3 months!





No matter what I said, or what memo I pulled out,

Kawashima-san’s ability to always take it and make it into something funny was incredible and made me feel so secure!




Such a warm space surrounded by such a sense of security

It really is a family 🫧


The 2 hours spent with all the regulars and guests on Wednesdays had me laughing so much from the bottom of my heart, it was a lot of fun!




Kawashima-san, Announcer Tamura, Yada-san, Shibata-san, Moriyama-san, and Lily-san

I love you all♡



I hope to visit the studio again

and meet you on location shoots*



I will do my best to be with you again🐰


Thank you everyone for your support over the past three months!!











On “Weekly Shonen Magazine” which has been on sale since yesterday,

I was featured on the cover and opening page gravure of the magazine!


This was my first time doing it solo, so I was very happy




The weather was nice and we shot in the middle of it really sparkling!


I’d be glad if you checked it out




I pretended to be able to ride, ehe









Today, September 29 (Thursday)


The 2nd tour “As you know?”

finally begins!!


We will do our best to make it a concert that will leave you with lingering memories!!!


To all the Buddies who are coming to Osaka to see us!

Let’s have fun together 🐙









How exciting







Ozono Rei

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