As you know? (2022.09.29)

Summer has wrapped up and we’re now in Autumn!
It felt especially quick this year      …



As an example
It was as fast as the trolley car
that rode around Conifer Forest for 「Time Machine de yeah!”」

The speed with which 1st gen members gather can’t be beat either!

This was during rehearsal

This Habu illustration
was drawn by staff-san
It was so cute that it felt like a waste to drink it
so it didn’t feel good going down my throat



The next day they drew an upgraded version of it
and it felt even worse to drink

that’s just a joke
I always make sure to drink plenty of water every day

When I told that story to Ozono Rei, it made her laugh😘❤️

And finally
Sakurazaka46’s 2nd TOUR 2022 is starting

Starting with Osaka
Please let me use lots of Kansai-ben
I’m looking forward to seeing all of you that come see the show!

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