As it is🌳 (2021.01.19)

Good evening


Everyone, how are you doing?


What is something fun that happened recently??




As for me,





the fruit sandwich that I got as a refreshment was very delicious 🍓🍎🥭🍌




Also, this ponzu was good.

And then, when I changed my shampoo,
I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I was complemented with “You’re hair became smooth and silky so that it’s hard to roll it〜✨”!




Ah, the book I’m reading recently is this.




I think it’s wonderful that you can meet new things when reading books and I try to read.


I asked Risa-chan to lend me her recommended book, but I wonder when she will bring it🤔
(I’m waiting! (pressure))

*Here she uses (圧) which is the kanji for “pressure”, and I assume it is similar to how the kanji for laughing written as (笑) means “lol”


Even though I have to write reports,
will I be okay reading books so carelessly… 🤔🤔🤔




Last but not least,



All the examinees who took the common test,
Thank you for your hard work.

*It is currently the period for university entrance exams in Japan, where last year highschool students take various types of exams

When I think that it’s already been 2 years since I took it myself it’s somewhat scary, lol


I think, depending on the person, you might be filled with various feelings when self-scoring tests


Slowly without rushing, but because it’s just a little bit left and so that you won’t regret it, please force yourself a little and run through to the end!


I took the National Center test, and when I saw my results there were some marking errors, but the regret of the university entrance exams becomes sustenance for doing your best afterwards…


Entrance exam students as well as you who are not,
whatever it is let’s with all our power do our best〜✨



Harada will also keep at it!


Steady progress

*Here she uses the four character compound 日進月歩, kind of like a proverb




See you




Harada Aoi blog 2021/01/19 23:59

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