Autumn to Spring 🌸 (2022.04.04)



I was cleaning my room yesterday, but I lost interest mid-way


I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member
from Miyazaki, Matsuda Rina




Thank you very much for opening this blog








“Spring’s Sakurazaka46 Festival”


will be starting at 10PM in Cultural Broadcasting’s “Rekomen!”



I will be appearing together with Takemoto on Monday!



With the release of “Samidare yo” approaching, I’m truly very happy that another Sakurazaka46 Festival like this could happen again!


Thank you very much!



On Tuesday, Koike-san, Harada-san

On Wednesday, Ozono, Tamura

will be appearing!





If you’d like, please do listen to it~ 👂






We will be appearing on “Utacon” tomorrow!


We will be performing “Samidare yo”!


It will start from 7:57PM~!



By all means, please do give it a look!!!








Did you watch “Cream Nantara” yesterday??



We participated as a part of those who set it up, but it was very fun!!


Other than the clothes, I prepared my own items lol



I rushed to a 100-yen store the day before and fully equipped myself
There are of course a lot of different items in my bag as well~ lol

Now I’m really embarrassed to see my appearance wearing glasses
It’s 100-yen worth of glasses for pollen!



I even tied my own hair!


We all tried to become AD staff through trial and error!



And I was happy to be able to experience an AD staff’s work!

It was our first try, so there are things that we were not good at, but the staff gave us a lot of support!


I’d love to participate as a set upper again~!



Thank you very much for watching!









“Rekomen!” and “THE TIME”

that I started from October,


a half year has passed since then!


The experience from both are very valuable, and I’ve been able to learn so many things!



I really love both Rekomen! and THE TIME,


they are both shows that I love,


there are a lot of people that I love,
that’s why I hope to be of support for everyone, even for just a little bit!


I will do my best to properly repay them!


To everyone in Rekomen! and THE TIME, by all means, please do continue to take care of me who is still greatly inexperienced!



And to you who are reading this blog right now, please support Rekomen! and THE TIME!!










Thank you very much for reading my blog.






See ya👓






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