BACKS_LIVE!!①② (2024.01.18)

Good evening everyone 🌸



It’s Matono Mio






7th Single BACKS LIVE!!


Two days have been safely completed!




To everyone who came, to everyone who watched the stream, to everyone who hyped it up

Truly, thank you very much!!








Speaking of which

I was happy to have been able to perform various songs with MiuMio in a symmetrical position in BACKS LIVE


I wonder how many songs we did



We’ve been sharing a symmetrical position since Natsu no Chikamichi ^^








Personally, I feel that’s the closest I’ve been to all of you



That’s why being able to see your sparkling smiles a loooooot from the stage,




made me happy!!!!!!!!!!!











To think that I had so much fun and happiness from being able to connect with everyone through music



As I thought, I think like myself best when performing a show






I’m looking forward!!!!!! for the next time!!!! I can meet you all!!!!!




Please take care of us in the remaining two days as well!!!!



Once we safely completed it, I will upload lots of pictures, okay?



Please look forward to it!!!







Rika has been clingy lately







It has been decided that an online meet & greet to commemorate the 8th single “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka? will be held!!!



I feel so happy



I’d be happy to talk with you


I’ll be waiting ^^








I will be answering questions on my blog after a long while!!!





Q. What would you reward yourself for hard work?


A. Food, after all


Ramen, sushi, I guess…?







Q. Where do you usually buy your clothes?


A. It might be better to ask a fashion leader to ask this question, but as for me


I immediately buy clothes that I find on the Internet and like




I don’t really have a favorite brand, but the best way is to look up “Mode fashion”*** on online store sites

*** T/N: Explanation 1, Explanation 2



Q. Does Mio-chan have the desire to dye your hair?


A. At the moment, I really don’t want to dye my hair


I love black hair








Thank you very much for reading this far!





See ya!

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