BAN Meet and Greet ④.⑤ (2021.05.14)

Good evening〜


It’s a bit late, but thank you for the 2 days of BAN’s individual meet and greet 4 and 5 🌸


We bumped into each other in the same store before, I was surprised♡


After the meet and greet, I watched Nogizaka-san’s 3rd and 4th generation concert!

They were really cute and soothing🩰


After the concert, I kept watching the music videos of the 3rd and 4th generation for a while.


Today at 20:00, the broadcast of BAN’s mini live will start!

We’ll be performing 7 songs included in the 2nd single.

There are some songs that will be performed for the first time, so please watch them🌸

I like all the songs in the 2nd single so much that I can’t decide on the best one




I also like the 2nd single’s uniform which has different colored ribbons for each age group🎀



Well then, see you〜

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