Red snapper (2021.05.15)

Good evening〜

On the other day, it was announced
that Ten-chan has been appointed as
an exclusive model of ViVi-san!

Again, congratulation Ten-chan 🥰



She were already so cute
when she was featured in the past~~

It suits her so well, right?… 😳

She become the first exclusive model
from 2nd generation
so it makes me very happy( ˆᴗˆ )💐

Moreover, she is the first from Sakamichi group
in ViVi-san…!

Sigh, just how amazing!!!

Congratulations, truly 🙊🤍

I am looking forward to seeing her in the magazine
just as much as you guys are ♪




And this is late but,
A serialization for Hii-chan
has started in ar-san 😻



Hikaru no Me
Hono seen it too~!
She’s always so cute 🧐🌱

The illustration are also Hii-chan like
It’s nice, isn’t it?

It’s so exciting to be able to see a different Hii-chan
every month (´-`) .。oO

Again, congratulations 🌸




And then, Risa-san’s serialization is starting
in non-no-san 🌟


Risa-san truly looks very cool
as a model ( ´ᆺ`)💓
And of course, cute

I feel so excited and thrilled
to wonder what kind of Risa-san
will we see from not on…  🤭

I sure am looking forward to it

Congratulations 💐



And then!
Yukka-san’s first book
“Ano Hi, Konna Koto wo Kangaeteita”
is now on sale 🏇


Yukka-san’s choice of words
are always lovely and nice

And the costume she wore in every type of cover
was sooo cute!

Keyakizaka costume are rare now… 🤔

Yukka-san, again,





There are so many things to celebrate
It sure makes you happy, isn’t it? (´-`) .。oO



All the pictures
are from the MV filming
of Omotta Yori mo Sabishikunai~~

There are so many pictures!



I’ll write again



See ya!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono



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