Bright future*(2020.10.18)




Once again
I’m Sakurazaka46’s Kobayashi Yui





I’m still not used to saying it~

When I type it on my smartphone, it doesn’t show Sakurazaka46 (as suggestion?)
so I’ve added it into my keyboard’s dictionary✌︎

From now on, I hope that we can be a group that make people reminded of us when sakura is mentioned 😌



With the name change,
The official home page and mobame app
have become new as well!


And immediately,
it has been announced that Sakurazaka46’s debut single
“Nobody’s Fault” will be released on 9th December!



We look forward to your continued support










Sakurazaka46’s new show
will be starting from today, 18th October!


I’m sure you must be curious on what the new show title will be~

And also curious about what will replace Sawabe-san’s “Bagon~!” 😏


The set and costume also change,
and with a change of heart, we’ll do my best
to make the show more interesting and fun, and sometimes gentle and warm!



It airs on the same time as Keyaki tte, Kakenai?
but today will be a little late and starts at 1:11AM JST
Don’t miss it~

Please do give it a look~










We made our final TV appearance as Keyakizaka46
in NHK’s SONGS that was broadcasted last night!


Taiyou wa Miageru Hito wa Erabanai
Dare ga Sono Kane wo Narasu no Ka?
We were able to perform these songs

There was also a close report
on the last live from the other day!



To be able to show you our last appearance as Keyakizaka46 in NHK, that has greatly helped us many times before,
makes me feel truly happy


And with this, Keyakizaka46 have truly, truly close it’s curtain


However, from now on, within my heart
and within your heart too,
I think that it will continue to live
as a supportive presence in hard times


From now on too, please listen to Keyakizaka46’s songs 😌


“This is not the end, but a beginning”

In Sakurazaka46 too, I’ll do my best so that in I can do activities in a way that in the future I could proudly say that it’s my treasure, and to be a group that you will love again 😌




see you again ⊿⊿




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