1st Generation

♡ (2023.09.20)

♡     😭 Today is the day another one of my dream has come true   To sell out in the first round Many of you have made it happen. I am truly filled with gratitude. Thank you.   I hope that in this period I can express my feelings of gratitude without regret. …

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My 9th Year (2023.08.22)

    I spent 8 years in Keyakizaka46 and Sakurazaka46   I have now learned to believe in myself to accept myself   Through chance encounters I met many sceneries and emotions I also saw new dreams from all the different jobs that I did. From the reliable 2nd generation members, and 3rd generation members …

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☺︎ (2023.06.28)

Good evening ☺︎   I’m sorry for not updating the blog in such a long time.   Our 6th single “Start Over!” was released today ☺︎   It has become a single that is completely full of Sakurazaka’s charms, therefore, I would like to do my absolute best so that it can reach as many …

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