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From here on I’ll report on some of the recent happenings!** 🌟 Lol lol

[T/N: She posted a three blogs in a row, reporting on things that she missed since December 2023]


First, from SokoSaku~ πŸ“Ί












I can’t help but to find you unbearably cute, Hika-chan








Congrats on your last SokoSaku ☺️


Thank you for giving me so many witty retorts 🫢🏻🫢🏻












Venue101 “Sukimakaze yo” 🌬️


I was happy that I could appear in a music show together with her at the end!













Off-shots from Sakurazaka46’s 2024 Calendar!



You can see the members being both cool and cute,

so by all means, please do get your hand on a copy πŸ–€

















Here are the off-shots from the MV of

BACKS’s song in the 8th single, “Abura wo Sase!”, that was released last night!


It’s the first time for a BACKS song to receive an MV

and I think that I was able to take it on with everyone

with a sense of determination to make it into a good piece of work

so that it will lead to the next one ❀️‍πŸ”₯


I’d be happy if you could give it lots of watch 🎞️





















That’s the end of the retrospective blog accompanied by pictures!



Sorry that I had to split it into three πŸ˜–



I’ll send pictures that I didn’t post in mobame later πŸ’Œ



See ya~

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