Celebratory First Blog (2023.03.12)

Nice to meet you.

Thank you for reading the 3rd generation relay blog.

I’m continuing from Airi 🐑


I’m Nakashima Yuzuki (δΈ­εΆ‹ε„ͺ月), 20 years old, from Fukuoka.

I was named Yuzuki because there was a super moon on the day I was born. I’m a lucky person.
[TN: the 月 in ε„ͺ月 means “moon”]

By the way, I made my signature with the image of a smiling full moon πŸŒ• hehe

Everyone in the 3rd gen calls me Yuzu.

You can all call me Yuzu too if you’d like (ΰΉ‘ΛƒΜ΅α΄—Λ‚Μ΅)


My favorite animal are dogs. I also like giraffes and deer. I also like birds.

Although I am a dog person, I like cats too.



πŸŽ‚ About my birthday πŸŽ‚

Last month, I celebrated my 20th birthday. Yay~

Everyone in the 3rd gen celebrated together.

There were some people who congratulated me during the online meet & greet too!

It was a first for me. I was realllly happy.

It was the first time I couldn’t celebrate my birthday with my family, but I found a new happiness thanks to the members and Buddies.

Everyone in the 3rd generation, thank you.
Thank you very much to the Buddies who thought of me and congratulated me.

This is the furisode I received from my grandmother as a gift.

The actual color is a darker brown than in the photo, it has a calming vibe~!

Does it suit me? πŸ•



🌸 About Omotenashikai 🌸

Thank you very much to everyone who came to the venue and watched the online stream of 3rd generation’s Omotenashikai.

The difference from our usual practice sessions and rehearsals is, the fact that everyone was there with us.

There really were people who are supporting the 3rd gens.

There really were people watching while holding my oshi towel and penlight.

That made me so happy that I felt like I was about to cry.

I can’t believe that enjoying music together with everyone is this much fun!!!

Looking at when the 3rd gens were with you all, I thought that everyone looked really happy and joyful, and the smiles on their faces were the cutest. Hehe

Thank you very much for this wonderful moment.

For the people who couldn’t watch us this time, we will work hard to show you our upgraded performance, so I’m looking forward to your support at that time.



β˜€οΈ About “Natsu no Chikamichi” MV β˜€οΈ

Have you watched the “Natsu no Chikamichi” MV?

The video was really beautifully made.

I was working hard just to practice “BAN” and never thought that us 3rd gens would have our own song and MV.

We were all really happy when we found out.

We also resolved to make it a good one and we were fired up during the shooting.

During the shoot I was feeling down because there were many things that I couldn’t get right, but the members noticed before me and cheered me up.

All 10 of them are such kind people. They have the kindness to stand by you and pick you up when you’re down. They can also support you with their strength.

I think that our bond is quite strong.

The 11 of us who shared a lot of thoughts and emotions performed “Natsu no Chikamichi”, and our feelings overflow as we dance and empathize with the lyrics.

“If I go on like this I can never catch upγ€€γ€€γ€€with the two walking ahead of me”

“Where should I look for γ€€γ€€γ€€to open the door for the next season?”

“The rain looks like it’s going to stop, but it doesn’t”

The “BAN” practice period was a time when I could realize how naive I was.

“Natsu no Chikamichi” is a song that vividly reminds me of how I felt at that time.


I love the song and the choreography, the part where we put our faces together and dance is fun.

I can’t believe just how much fun singing together with everyone is!!!

I’d be happy if everyone could come to like “Natsu no Chikamichi” too.

photo by Rika

I’m close with Rika. I like making her laugh, she laughs easily.




Because I’m bad at taking selfies, everyone in the 3rd gen keeps giving me advice. Haha

But I still can’t take any good ones so for this blog entry I gave up on posting selfies. Sorry πŸ₯²

I will do it before my next turn! Somehow!

Please wait for it ( ;Β Β ;Β οΌ‰

↑ Me practicing taking selfies

photo by Miu

Miu is clingy. Before you know it, she’s already right behind you. She also laughs easily. She’s cute 😌 just like a younger sister


Next time, I will write about

🌿 My introduction vlog 🌿


🌸 Omotenashikai part 2 🌸~

I hope to share many stories with you from now on.

Please let me share many stories with you.

Look forward to it~ (ΰΉ‘ΛƒΜ΅α΄—Λ‚Μ΅)

From Yuzu



Tomorrow will be Matono Mio’s turn.
The part of her that laughs a lot is lovely. I really enjoy making her laugh as well.
I’m looking forward to what Mio will write.

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