Cream Puff☕️ (2021.05.20)


Good evening



3rd Row Member Live
Will be held on 16,17,18 June~!


If you would free up your schedule…!



Kira-chan was taught choreo by Yuipon today too,
But just watching it makes me explode with laughter lol


Yuipon roasting Kira’s behaviour is the best😏

*She used the word tsukkomu, the Japanese comedy concept of reacting to someone’s joke or stupid behaviour


Recently I’m desperately trying to learn choreo,
And my whole body is aching, but I will do my very best☺︎







Impression of Tamori-san’s sunglasses. 🕶




I will be on Tamori Club
Airing 24:20~24:50 on 21 May!



I learned about wave-dissipating concrete blocks~!
It makes me go “So there are this many different kinds…!”
Please watch it〜🌟






She gave me Kuro chan-san LINE stamps as a birthday gift.
I’ll use them, lol





Kira-chan and Akanen


After this, Kira-chan was making soap bubbles in the room.
She’s unpredictable and really funny lol



See you~





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