Ehomaki🥒 (2021.02.02)

*Ehomaki is a long, uncut, sushi roll eaten during the setsubun festival day


Good evening



What did you choose for the social studies elective subject?

I chose world history and geography 🌏🤔🤔





I will appear on Tamori Club
airing February 5th at late night 0:20〜!


Commemorating that geography was turned into a compulsory subject in high school,
we learned about geography.👏

Since technology is developing recently,
the studying methods have become interesting 🤔🤔 I thought


Please make sure to watch it🐥




On February 3rd
『Our lies and truths』goes on sale☺︎ (* The Keyakizaka46 Documentary)

It was quite (emotionally) heavy and I was surprised,|
I think the contents are fulfilling! So certainly (try watching it)!



Everyone’s full of individuality〜〜



This is Go-chan💁‍♀️
I wonder what Go-chan eats and lives out of🤔🤔



See you〜




My hair grew out!!





Harada Aoi blog 2021/02/02 23:11

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