Borderless (2021.02.02)


Hello everyone,


I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation🌱



It was announced a few days ago, but…


I’ll be appearing in “Borderless”, Hikari TV’s new original drama!

The original work is by Honda Tetsuya.


The story has 4 parts progressing simultaneously, with them gradually interlacing over time.



Beyond all of the interlacing foreshadowing, the story also gets interlaced with a certain incident, which leads to it becoming a complex development.





Also, this is the first time the 3 Sakamichi groups will be appearing together in a drama!


< Nogizaka46 > Endo Sakura-san, Hayakawa Seira-san


< Hinatazaka46 > Saito Kyoko-san, Hamagishi Hiyori-san


< Sakurazaka46 > Kobayashi Yui-san, Watanabe Risa-san, Morita Hikaru



These members will be appearing in the show!




Also, this time I will be playing the role of “Mori Nao”.


For the high school part of the show, I’ll be appearing alongside Saito Kyoko-san from Hinatazaka46!




Nao-chan is a high school girl with “anything and everything in her life being normal”.

She and I share a lot of common traits, so I empathize with her a lot.

Although, it’s really hard to play Nao-chan’s “normal” character.



Even amidst being normal, Nao-chan has her own personality, and I’ll be doing my best to convey her growth as a character after meeting Saito Kyoko-san’s character, “Katayama Kiri”, to the audience!




It’s scheduled to begin airing in March, so while it’s still a bit early, please look forward to it!


For more information, please look at the official Borderless home page ↓








I’ll be changing the conversation..



It’s become February!


This year’s Setsubun (the day before the beginning of spring in the old calendar in Japan) isn’t February the 3rd, but it seems to be February the 2nd!


Are you all eating ehomaki (uncut sushi rolls eaten during Setsubun)??


It seems like this year’s favorable direction is “South-southeast”~



Let’s do our best to carefully spend each day of February as well..!





Well then, that’s all for today…


Thank you very much for reading until the very end!




The end🌱


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