Even after 2 months, I still haven’t receive the dress I ordered from online international order site 必必必 (2022.05.10)

Good evening~



Harada has turned 22!
Thank you very much to everyone
who celebrated it!






I will continue to be my best
in order to become a wonderful adult!




And on my birthday,
my Instagram account has been opened~ 賅



Please look it up




It will be a slow and carefree one,
but I hope that I could deliver to as many people as possible
my memories with the members and many new things!







All of the individual meguri for 4th single
has been finished.

Thank you very much!





I was able to talk with more people than ever before this time, and I received many power and smiles!
There’s only a little time left,
but please continue to take care of me on the national meguri that will be held next!
Let’s have fun until the end~






















And finally,
it has been decided that for “Watanabe Risa’s Graduation Concert”
that is to be held on 21st~22nd May will be streamed live~
To all of you who couldn’t come,
I hope than you can enjoy it from the streaming!綽







The sales for “Samidare yo” official goods have started~




I love the teru teru bozu.
Please be sure to get it 朮朮朮





See ya~







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