Matcha (2022.05.09)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒

The other day was the last of the meet and greet sessions for the 4th singleー💐

I’m so happy that I got to have a lot of conversations with everyone who came to see me
Thank you very much..

I’m looking forward to being able to meet everyone next National Handshake ♡

Today I started wearing a one curl perm again for the first time in a whileー♪

The lipstick I used this day was these two colors❤️
Both of them stay on well, and CLARINS’ has a delicious smell〜

The left is RICAFROSH 05
The right is CLARINS 06

People told me they’d like to see my full length outfit so I’ll post itー👗🪞

A full length white outfit🤍

And on the 8th, I wore matching outfits with Minami-san💗🤍

It was an amazing coincidence so we were both surprised! Haha
Commemorative photo ♡

I borrowed this from Yui-chan ♡ It was so cute

Thank you Yui-chanーーー


Tomorrow, 5/10 (Tuesday), at 8:00〜
I’ve been invited to appear on TBS “Love It!”🐰🏖

I also got to appear in the VTR
“Einstein’s Trip With Comedian Pals in Nagasaki” !!*

*Einstein is a comedian duo

Last week I got to go on a location shoot at Huis Ten Bosch.
The attractions were fun, and I was spellbound by the really beautiful tulip fields🌷

And I received incredibly wonderful souvenirs from Huis Ten Bosch✨✨

The tulip bath salt flowers were the same colors as my penlight colors💗💛 I’m happyー

They remembered that I said “I like Miffy”
So I ended up receiving this many goods

Thank you very much.

Tomorrow is Love It!
It’s my first time on Tuesday’s set,
so I’m both nervous and excited..

I’d be happy if you would tune in to watch me☺︎

See ya〜


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