Fabimaru kun🦅 (2021.02.27)


I’m sorry that it has been a while😖

I wore a furisode in SokoSaku the other day!
I took a lot of photos〜☺️







Fabimaru kun flew to where I was so Sawabe san will be buying me a sofa🦅


I wonder if I have used all my luck for this year😖


I’m really looking forward to the sofa☺️🛋



And, Ray February Edition is on sale now!

I did a hair and makeup shoot〜♡




Introducing cute hair arrangements and makeup for going to Disneyland!🐭🏰

For my monthly serialization, I made a valentine cupcake🧁🤍


Please check it out〜!




See you☺️


Watanabe Rika



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