Fall and winter (2022.09.05)

Hello 🌷



Thank you very much for TGC



Fall and winter (2022.09.05)


This one is from REDYAZEL’s stage 🍋💙









And this one is from Aeon Card’s stage 🕊‎🫧






I had the opportunity to walk in these stages.




The outfits and the make-up were extremely cute.

I was so happy, so happy.







The nails were also completely autumn style.

It became one of my favorites.






It was my first time in TGC,

so I was extremely nervous…



Also, I saw lots of

uchiwa fans, boards, towels, etc.~.


Thank you so much! 😞♡





As expected, the fall and winter’s fashion, hairstyles and make-up

were really cute~~~




I also bought

several autumn clothes a few days ago,

so I’m looking forward to their arrival ‪‪☺︎🍁



The preparations are almost ready,

so let’s enjoy AW too~~













During the break between the stages,

we went to pick up the juice in original bottles

that we created~



Both were strawberry milk.








It’s still a mystery why

Karin-chan named hers

as “ten”… 🤔







The reason why the letters above the name

became “Happy Birthday!”

is because Mirei-san came here before

and chose it for us 😳♡




From now on, every day is my birthday!
















Yesterday were the last

meet & greet sessions for the album


We also had an autograph signing session!












I had a lot of fun ☺︎





Thank you so much to

all of you who came to meet us!








Until the day we meet again! 😌







See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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