Gift (2022.08.09)






On Tuesday August 9th, starting at 23:56
there’s the MBS’s daily variety show “Gobugobu (even match)”


And it’s the second half of the let’s fully enjoy summer vacation tour~~




This day was filled with different activities,
and together with Hamada-san and Ten-chan,
I was able to make lots of summer memories
throughout the day 🎐


Being the first yukata location shoot for this TV show,
it felt fresh and fun to go around various places
in my hometown Osaka while wearing yukata.



You can watch the first half on
GYAO! and TVer 👘‪‪☺︎




The second half will air tonight,
so please watch it by all means







On Wednesday August 10th, starting at 8:00,
I will be on TBS’s “LOVE IT!”



It’s the second part of the summer vacation location shoot project~~



In the first part,
we went to Adventure World
in Wakayama Prefecture 🐼‪🌱

Gift (2022.08.09)








Since I was a child,

I used to go very often to
Adventure World together with my family,


I also have lots of photos at home!


It seems this one is from 2001…



This is a photo of the 2 years and a few months old Hono,
I was making the pose of “1”, but maybe
my intention was to do a peace sign 🤔🐬









On tomorrow’s broadcast,
we got to experience water leisure activities at Nanki Shirahama!



We were also lucky with the weather,
It was the best weather for going to the beach~.



The white sandy beach was very beautiful,
I fully enjoyed
playing around in the sea 🏖



Please watch it by all means ☺︎



On Friday August 12th, starting at 11:30
I will make a guest appearance on



the TOKYO FM radio show “Lawson presents Hinatazaka46 no hotto hitoiki! (Lawson presents Hinatazaka46’s one breath of relief!)”



I was able to record together with
Kato Shiho-san from Hinatazaka46!



This was the first time I had the chance to
talk properly with her,


She was interesting and kind,
I got the feeling that we were able to deepen our relationship a little bit,
so that made me happy.



I was fortunate to have an opportunity like this…



Bonds like this can be formed
through the radio? Maybe it can? 😲💙





Please listen to it by all means~~







And surprisingly, I received a wonderful gift
from Lawson
on this recording day.


It’s Karaage-kun Chachamaru version 😳 !!


They even stamped it…





By the way, “Chachamaru”
has made frequent appearances,
this is an original bear character
that I created. 🧸







To think that the day would come when Chachamaru
would be stamped into the friend chicken “karaage-kun”
that I’ve been eating since long ago and that everyone loves…




Because it’s not for sale,
it feels even more special ‪‪☺︎


Thank you very much for
making the arrangements for this day. ( ; ; )🙇








It’s been decided that
a “Lawson Sakurazaka46 Hinatazaka46 campaign” will be held 🏪



Being able to do this kind of collaboration
this year again with Lawson,
who have always been supporting me on a regular basis,
it’s something that makes me very happy!

There’s lots of contents too ☺︎


Please get them by all means~!








We had the Meet & Greet sessions a few days ago,
thanks so much to everyone who came ☺️



There was a certain something
that was different from usual on this day,
did anyone notice it…?

I gave the answer to
those who got the message (in the app),
but it would be great if there’s people who noticed it 🫢



Let’s meet again~!!!







And on the 13th, it’s finally ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL! 🎸


I wonder if there’s people who have been to the festival already ☺️


It’s still hot,
so please make sure to take precautions against heatstroke,
take good care of yourself and let’s have fun~!!



Thanks a lot for your support ☺︎




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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