Those who were taking pictures of the cyanotype (2022.08.09)


Those who were taking pictures of the cyanotype,
Reading the words written by the members



Enjoying the displays,
First off, I was observing, 🤭




While thinking “I’m so happy





I visited SHIBUYA TSUTAYA and Shibuya Stream













The were lots of displays full of love
I was happy see your messages to each and every one of us!

Thank you very much!





This time, since I visited at night
I got to watch you all looking at the displays!


Thank you very much to everyone who came by*




Those who listened to the evening’s “Rekomen”
Thank you very much!











The YouTube live broadcasted the other day was the first performance of “Masatsukeisuu”!


To be able to share it with so many people,
To also be able to announce the tour, I’m glad


Thank you very much to everyone who watched!









I was so glad to hear your thoughts during the meet and greet that started the other day *


And, and
It feels like the number of people I’ve met for the first time is increasing,, I’m very grateful for that 🫧.


I’m looking forward to the next one~~










🍑Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 3, 8:00   “Love it”

Continuing from last week, Renaa and Hono-chan will appear in the VTR 🍫🧸

Please watch!



🍑Tomorrow, August 3 (Wed.) from 20:00
I will be appearing on “Miracle 9”

My family loves this show, and we’ve been watching it for a long time, so I’m very happy! Please watch it!







And then…
We’re also looking forward to “ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2022″ on the 13th!!


Excited about the outdoors
Excited about the festival

Make sure you’re prepared for the heat and let’s have fun 🌻











Ozono Rei

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