Good evening (2023.10.13)


The teasers for 3rd generation’s individual PV has been released~
“I really want to put on keyholder”


How was it? It sure is… very unique, huh? Lol
But personally, I reaaallly like it. So please do watch it a lot, of course, the full version that is included in Type D as well.


Behind-the-scenes story.

“I really want~ to put on keyholder~” is the only lyric in the song
It made me feel anxious so I did the recording while looking at the lyrics, and I was asked if I was double-checking the lyric
Like, do you get it? No matter how much I remember it, it makes me feel at ease to have it on hand~




The key visual for it has been released as well
The other details have been released too, and I can finally tell you about it

Application starts from 11th October 22:00 until 16th October 23:59
You can see the ticket details here.



I remember how, back in Omotenashikai, I thought that I could see many different sceneries with the other ten Sakurazaka46 3rd generation members
And I think that this challenge will put certainty to it.
I’m really on fire right now. My enthusiasm is burning up.

Looking back to the past six months, there were many things that I was able to experience as Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation member, and I have grown both individually and with the help of the other ten members as we support each other. It’s been half a year full of gratitude, and “Shinzanmono” will be held in the middle of that.

I can be confident because I have my beloved 3rd generation members with me.

We will make it into an amazing show so that all those of you who came will think, “I want to support Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation members”, “I want to know more about Sakurazaka46”. We hope to see you there.


Please look forward to it.。︎︎☺︎


Yamashita Shizuki

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