Good evening (2024.05.22)

I suddenly wonder if I’m stronger than I think I am, or perhaps if I’m actually weaker




I may never find out which I truly am, but I also feel as if I am refusing to know








I guess I don’t want to know more than I want to know.




If I don’t know anything.


If I don’t notice anything.




Then I don’t let myself be influenced by the emotions that come with it, so until now I’ve always tried to take the easy way out like that.












Not doing things that I don’t want to do


Always starting things by first looking for a way out.


Speaking out when something seems off.




Every time, there is always something that I can’t give up on, and though it embarrasses me to say, my sense of justice and perfectionism gets in the way




Because I end up thinking that’s the right way


But I wonder if I’m slow at realizing that things don’t always go well easily like that? Or am I quick?
















I wonder…






You’ll always have expectations and dreams about the other person, won’t you?












































It’s been a while
















It’s been decided that Sakurazaka46 will be releasing its 9th single “Jigoujitoku” on June 26th~




















“I should tell everyone as soon as possible”


so I thought since the day it was announced and wrote a blog, but I just couldn’t seem to get it right…






It’s difficult to put my feelings into words


and if it won’t get across, then it’s better not to write about it, so I think.




So that’s why I feel some worries


about whether this writing will be conveyed well…










How many times have I stared at this screen…?










I’m sorry for being late.










There are many ways to convey something,


but because all of you who support me convey your thoughts with words, I wanted to choose the same way to convey mine




So I thought I wanted to write a blog…








For this single, I am grateful to have once again been selected as a senbatsu member This is thanks to all of you who are always cheering for me, thank you very much.
























And this time,


I will be standing on the center position of the 9th title song, “Jigoujitoku”.












First of all,


I’d be happy if all of you who are cheering for me


are pleased about it….












It has been a little over a year since I joined Sakurazaka46, and I have learned a lot of things while watching the reliable figure of my seniors, growing stronger myself




I will do my best


in doing what I can do for the group


so that I can contribute to Sakurazaka46.










And I have been able to spend my 7th and 8th activity period as a senbatsu member.




I started being able to take on the things in front of me with a “for the group” mindset. It makes me very happy.




I am happy to be able to do something for the group in this way, and I would be even happier if I could show it in some form, or if it were conveyed to you..




I put everything I have into Sakurazaka46, even more than to myself.
















I hope that all the members


could work together to make the 9th single


an exciting work as well




So I’d be happy if you could watch over us warmly.
























And to all the fans


who have always cheered for me,






truly, thank you very much






Your kind and warm words always cheered me up. I always want to give back to you, to make you feel how fun it is to like me… I hope that these feelings could be conveyed.






[T/N: Written on petals are “Thank you very much as always” and “I will work hard a lot, so please always stay by my side”]


I will give my best Please take care of me











Please allow me to make a small announcement too,










Hinatazaka Channel-san




[Gathering of Yamashita from all three Sakamichi] Congratulations on your graduation, Nogizaka46’s Yamashita Mizuki-san! [Nogizaka Haishinchuu & Sakurazaka Channel Collaboration – First Half]









Sakurazaka Channel




[Gathering of Yamashita from all three Sakamichi] Congratulations on your graduation, Nogizaka46’s Yamashita Mizuki-san! [Nogizaka Haishinchuu & Sakurazaka Channel Collaboration – Second Half]









has been released~








I was so happy when I heard of this plan, truly. I had fun filming it~








Once again, Yamashita Mizuki-san, congratulations on your graduation

























I was able to talk a lot with HaruHaru and became good friends

I grew to like her so much, and I hope that we can go out for a meal soon. 🌱












I hope that we will be able to film something again in the future






























Those moments when you hate everything




Those moments when lyrics resonate with you so painfully




Those moments when you don’t want to listen to songs anymore




Those moments when you want to shut yourself off from the outside world












I know those feelings too.


By no means do I intend to say that I understand






But I think there are many people who are here now because they were helped by someone or something And even if not, it is wonderful that you are still working hard while feeling a little sense of hope, and I’d like you to give yourself a lot of praise for that








I wish to be someone who can help others, but I don’t want to be greedy, and it’d be nice if I could inspire others even just for a little I have been taking on many things with that in mind.

















And here is the quick reference chart

for the usual meet & greet for this single…






The 2nd application period starts from today


Please do come and visit me within what is comfortable for you. ( ¨̮ )








Let’s see all kinds of new sights together.


Yamashita Shizuki


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