Climb (2024.05.22)










On Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?

Was the 9th Single formation announcement






This time too, I will be doing activities as a BACKS member






Every time I express my thoughts in words 

about the result of the senbatsu announcement to everyone,



I understand my feelings for the first time

Settle them and feel like I can move forward







Lately, I’ve been doing my best in the work in front of me

Working hard in the work given to me



Anxiety and sadness

Pretending not to see my own feelings

I didn’t understand my own feelings at all




Like the lyrics of “Munen”

That I performed the other day

It’s meaningless if I don’t leave results

Not giving results



Is because I’m not good enough,



I always want to make the people who support me

Happy in the next single

I want to change this situation, but

It hasn’t changed at all

I’m sorry















The situation can’t be changed, but

I’m sure I’m growing.










In the song I love

“The Climb” 

By Miley Cyrus







What’s important

Is not about how fast you get there

It’s not about what’s waiting on the other side


It’s the climb



There are lyrics that mean

Believing in yourself and continuing to climb

Is the most important thing




Since I became an idol

I’ve always carried these words in my heart










In performances

In variety,

I’m sure I’m growing.






To change the situation

I may have to give

Big big results


I honestly don’t have the confidence to achieve those results, but



Life is about not knowing what will happen

I want to live my life where things like that happen!


As long as everyone supports me

More and more recklessly

I want to do my best








For the 9th Single,

Being myself

I’ll work hard



The most important thing is that for those who oshi me

To think it’s super fun

To oshi me!



To everyone who supports me




I want to make you smile

I think about it seriously every day!




Thank you for always supporting this me

Thank you very very much.



For being the reason to do my best,

Thank you very much







Let’s make a lot of memories in the 9th Single too!



Let’s get rid of the Munen (regret) together!!



I love all of you








And at the moment

The 2nd round of Meet and greet is accepting applications!



Until 14:00 tomorrow!!



As compared to the me in the 8th Single

I will do my best to meet you

With a more powerful appearance 

So I’d be happy if you could please come and see me ♡


I’ll be waiting〜₍ᐢ.ˬ.ᐢ₎










Good night

Have a good sleep💤
















You’ve been caught in a 125cm deep swamp

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